Mr.Sarwan & Mrs.Sunita Poddar, from Glasgow, have taken on the responsibility of spreading Baba Ram Dev Ji’s teachings and yoga practices to the rest of the world. Mr. And Mrs. Poddar have set up a Trust here in UK with the same name as in India, called PATANJALI YOG PEETH (UK) TRUST. (PYPT (UK) TRUST)

Little Cumbrae

Three Years ago an Island called Little Cumbrae, near Glasgow came up on the market for sale Mr. & Mrs Podder at Peace Island and Mr. Poddar bought it and gifted to his wife as a birthday present; however Mrs.Poddar then donated it to the PYPT (UK) Trust so that the Trust can have an international base. At present the Little Cumbrae Island is going through a revamp so that the place becomes a revival of energy and peace of mind, through Yoga from the modern hustle and bustle of city life. Assistant Yoga teachers will also be trained there. Architectural Plans for the renovation of the Little Cumbrae Island were designed by seven architects and a meeting was held two years ago in Leicester, and were shown to all concerned in the East and West Midlands and the North, to finalise the most relevant things to meet our needs. Darshan Sohal with Swami Ram DevAt this meeting Mrs Sunita Poddar honoured Mr. Darshan Lal Sohal from Nottingham the Post of National Yog Co-ordinator of PYPT (UK) Trust. Mr Sohal is a very dedicated person of the UK Trust and has put in a lot of personal time and efforts for its success.

International Yog Co-ordinator

Mr. & Mrs. Poddar are training people all over UK and Europe and have set up branches in many cities. Glasgow City Council has also taken up the PYPT (UK) Trust on board in every field, i.e. in education, the work place and schools, in fact in every business field. Baba Ram Dev Ji has honoured Mr. Poddar with the title of International Yog Co-ordinator.
Mr Poddar and Mr Sohal travel worldwide to promote the teachings of Baba Ram Dev Ji. They are also involved in training the Armed Forces - how they can de-stress themselves, while protecting our country and the world. They are also training the new Assistant Yoga Teachers in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and the Far East.


Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust has the following vision:

• To promote Yog to maintain good health in the UK.

• To make people aware that a number of breathing exercises (Pranayam) can be used as alternative therapy to avoid and control illness.

• To make Yog and Pranayam assessable to everybody therefore run free Yog classes.


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