YOGA -Alternative Method to Health & Wellbeing

The simple meaning of the name of our organisation is as follows. Saans - means The Life (The breath), Dor – means the string (Line). So, Yog - Saanson Ki Dor - means - Yoga - The Life Line.
The Word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word YOG. Due to the reason of tongue twisting, over time, the word Yog has now become Yoga. As with many other words like Lord Raam; that has now become Lord Rama.

Yoga is not always as people think,yoga in derby difficult twists and turns and complex postures of the body. On the contrary, with Yog as taught by Baba Ram Dev Ji, there are 7 basic simple breathing exercises, and the basic asana’s (postures) are easy and simple for all ages. This is the basis of Hatha Yoga. The eventual goal is to maintain good health and flexibility, purity of the mind, body and soul with ultimate peace and tranquillity. Baba Ram Dev Ji has reached that peak and he has set up a University called “Patanjali Yog Peeth” and also set up a Trust to help those who are less privileged enabling others to achieve health and wellbeing. He has also set up a pharmaceutical company, where all the medicines are made from natural herbs and natural products. He holds free camps and seminars all over India and has been very successful.

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